Sunday, February 20, 2005

Semblance of Siblance - (Like a Hiss)

Whenever we met she seemed to be somewhere else but all that changed...
"You could shoot through, you know" I said
"Yeah..." She agreed.
The light changed and everything was different. It hits like a bolt of lightning. The idea!
"hey, I saw this guy on TV once, a doco about Paris in the 1920s I think, he was right amongst all the decadence when he was in his early 20s and he was reminiscing about it being the best time of his life....the thing is; there may be times in our lives when things seem effortless and things just seem to flow and there's much joy and pleasure but to try and recreate it is impossible and futile. If it teaches us anything its this: enjoy the moment if you can, it you can't, do something different until you do."
"Sorry I missed that, what were you saying?" She said with eyelids half closed.
"Uh, just um...doesn't matter." He said softly.