Monday, January 30, 2006


© Copyright Egghead 2006.

This image is called Chunky. I took the photo this afternoon so its fresh off the press. I'd not noticed this building before, its interesting what you find when you're looking. Its somewhere around Queen St/La Trobe St in Melbourne's CBD.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Group of Three

© Copyright 2006 Egghead.

This image is called Group of Three. Its one of a series I've created recently. I take specific photos and then manipulate them with software. Often I'll just use one photo in its original state but this one has three photos combined. Some masking has been done also.

Terrorist Tunnel

© Copyright 2006 Davoid.

This photo was taken from platform 3 at Flagstaff train station in Melbourne's City Loop underground train network.

I was waiting for my train, as you do, and I had about 10 minutes to kill. I was standing amongst the 50 or so people around me and I was looking at the tunnel opening and I remembered I had my digital camera with me, so I get it out and start taking a few photos of the tunnel. Over the P.A. there's the usual "train delayed" announcement and then the bloke says "And no photography allowed" and continues on with another announcement. I thought "he's talking to me" and I noticed the big black dome with the security camera to the right of the tunnel. At first I thought "you've got to be kidding, this is a public place". I'd taken the photos I wanted so I put my camera away. Then I thought "oh, its because of terrorists that you can't take photos in the underground", you know, in case I was casing the joint for bomb placement. So I could understand, but on the other hand it bugged me. I fantasised about sticking my finger up at the security camera and then security guards arriving on the platform and me running through the people to get away.

Pipe Face

© Copyright 2006 Egghead.
I call this one Pipe Face. It reminded me of a an abstract way of course.

Loop Chute

© Copyright 2006 Egghead.

This image is called Loop Chute. I was walking around Melbourne's CBD in January, investigating some alleys. I took a few good photos in this alley.
I like the abstract shapes in this one.

I Love You! Fuck You.

© Copyright 2006 Egghead.

A silly cartoon I drew on the train to the city one afternoon in January.