Monday, September 05, 2016

Fame Effects and the Power of Prayer

Recently in the news there was a story of an Australian family that had a strange experience where the parents became paranoid and fled their home with their three adult children and drove off to 'escape'.
  It is still a mystery what caused them to become so fearful, but it made me think about the effects of fame on individuals, e.g Michael Jackson, because the family's name is Tromp.
  What if all the attention on Donald Trump, all that psychic energy (or prayer power), had somehow been misdirected to the Tromps?

  Pretty far out? Sure. But if the power of prayer, or the focused thoughts/desires of people on another person, can affect the healing process of a sick person, what does all the focused thoughts/desires on a famous person do to them?
  Why do so many famous people become insane? Is it the result of so much focused attention by millions of people? But why don't all famous people become insane?
  Makes me think...

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